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NYC's Priciest Listing Will be an $118.5M Ritz-Carlton Trio

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In the upper stories of the Ritz-Carlton in Manhattan's Battery Park is the city's future most expensive listing, a three-unit penthouse combination that, as the Wall Street Journal reports, will hit the market for $118.5M, thereby taking the title from the Upper East Side's $114M, Venetian onyx-encrusted mansion. As of now, the three units are owned by two separate people, but the combined 15,434-square-foot interiors (plus 2,193 square feet of terrace space) will hit the market as a package deal.

Let's start with the largest of the pieces: the 7,600-square-foot unit that listed last year for $56.5M. That five-bedroom is owned by the same guy who owns the neighboring three-bedroom, which is the smallest unit of the sell-off. The final piece is a four-bedroom spread owned by financier Randall Yanker; earlier this year it asked $23M, then $19M. If you ask the listing agent (which the WSJ did) he'll tell you the place is "a good deal." Because, obviously, an ask that tabulates to $7,600 for every square foot is a bargain compared to, say, the penthouses at the Woolworth building, which ask $12,000 a square foot.

As Curbed NY notes, if this listing goes for anywhere near its ask, it would wipe the floor with the city's current most expensive dwelling, an $88M penthouse purchased by Dmitry Rybolovlev.

Anyway, check out the photos, below:

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