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Live Out 'Boxcar Children' Dreams in This Renovated Hotel

It's time to officially add Station Racour to the growing list of adorable former train cars finding new life as boutique hotels across the globe. Located in the tiny town of Landen, Belgium, the two rail coaches for rent date back to 1958 and ran until the early 1900's, but still look like a pair of old-school time capsules, both perfectly preserved and re-painted their original Belgium Railway colors. Inside though, the six-person accommodations look totally contemporary, with just a couple of the original benches remaining from their locomotive days. The rest of the space boasts newly-built walls, porcelain stoneware floors, modern kitchens, a few stacked bunk beds, and spacious "master bedrooms" that overlook the train tracks. Rental rates run at about $244 a night, and apparently fill up fast, so take a quick look.

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