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It's Break Time: 23 Buildings That Look Like Lunch

Photo via Fuck Yeah Brutalism

No, it's not just you: that 1972 Brutalist building, the University of Toronto's Robarts Library, looks a lot like a turkey, and nobody would blame you for thinking that, even if lunch hour wasn't already on your mind. When it comes to architecture that looks like a meal, structure styles run the gamut. Of course there's the cheap-thrills novelty architecture that have made the likes of L.A.'s Randy's Donuts and Ohio's Longaberger Company famous—the kind that enjoyed particular popularity in beach towns and the sides of highways in '50s and '60s—but there's also a world of accidental resemblances, chief among them being this Canadian turkey (or, perhaps, Norman Foster's Gherkin—it's a close contest). Below, find a robust—if not exhaustive—list of buildings shaped like food. Have a more refined palette? Architizer just published a list of high-brow offerings that look vaguely like something you'd serve at a dinner party.

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