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5,000-Square-Foot 'Rustic Cabin' in Wyoming Wants $6M

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Location: Jackson Hole, Wyo.
Price: $4,650,000
The Skinny: Calling a multi-million dollar luxury townhome in a pricey subdivision of Jackson Hole a "rustic cabin" is stretching the meaning of the word almost to the breaking point, but it does help to obfuscate the fact that covering a mini-manse in expensive reclaimed wood siding and trying to pass it off as a countrified hovel is just glamping with a mortgage. A cabin, after all, is often a one-room shack whose wall treatments consist of sheets of yellowing newspapers held aloft with rusty thumbtacks and whose resident spends his days writing manifestos and eating canned sardines with a spork. They typically do not feature such amenities as a chef's kitchen, a guesthouse, or 5,000 square feet of living space—and as for en suite bathrooms, depending on how deeply reduced the circumstances of the recluse who calls it home, a cabin may not even have indoor plumbing (an empty Folgers can in the corner does not, alas, count). Though both may offer "breathtaking vistas and unhindered relaxation" of one form or another, the price differential is sizable: this home is asking $4.65M, which would buy your average off-the-grid crank a whole lotta tin-foil hats.

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