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Grand Old Library Gets an Eco-Friendly Residential Makeover

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In It's Not Easy Being Green, Curbed pulls back the curtain on cutting-edge, environmentally friendly design, from urban passive houses to green tweaks on suburban living. Have a suggestion for an upcoming column? Pass it along.

Originally built in 1901, this former library and school ground in Leamington Spa—a tiny resort town in Warwickshire, England—recently received an extensive, eco-friendly renovation at the hands of London-based firm TateHindle, who transformed the aptly-named Old Library and Gallery into 30 residential units. Because of the landmark status and "strong architectural heritage," demolition and major structural changes were never an option. Instead, the original brick façade was completely restored, as where the arched entrances, turrets, and bell tower, with minimally updated windows and a modified roof. In an effort to make the new apartments as sustainable as possible, a series of implementations including on-site generators, solar panelling, and LED lighting were also put into place. Take a look at the energy efficient, tranquil apartment interiors below, and then head over to Arch Daily for more photos and some ridiculously convoluted archibabble on the topic.

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