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'Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Home' in Oregon Asks $950K

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This Aurora, Ore. three-bedroom is described in the listing as "Frank Lloyd Wright inspired," but it wasn't designed by one of the Prairie School pasha (and occasional primadonna)'s many proteges. No, it belongs to the probably ill-advised but nonetheless vibrant school of broker-thought that says "merely mentioning FLW in this listing will help guarantee a sale," actual architectural parallels and points of comparison be damned. The sorriest thing about this state of affairs, when it comes to this earthy, 2,700-square-foot mid-century-style abode is that it's pretty handsome in its own right: it looks well-maintained for having been built in 1963, the solarium and rock garden in the entry are nice touches, and who doesn't love exposed beams? Its single-acre plot even has its own private dock in a "quiet country setting." It sat on the market for three months last year at $950K, and came back last month for the same. Below, tour this un-Wright-like object lesson in the importance of actually identifying and playing to your strengths:

· 16115 NE Eilers Rd [Redfin]
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