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This $2.75M Atlanta Mansion is a Riot of Florals and Pink

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Dubbed "granny chic" by the folks at Redfin, this 7,277-square-foot Atlanta home asking $2.749M is essentially a circa-1998 tribute to the city's odd surfeit of salmon-covered mansions. But if all-pink everything and having been taken over Body Snatchers-style by floral prints makes it so, then the leopard-print bathroom fits it into the sub-genre of "granny-glam," i.e. befitting the kind of grandma that fronts a blues-rock band. The listing boasts a "beautifully planned and private grounds with pool and gazebo," "walk-in cedar closets," a "game room/study hall/ dance studio," a "nannie suite" with a separate entrance, and "enough parking for a party!!" The visual party that is this six-bedroom kicks off below:

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