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Absurd Beijing Apartment is Equal Parts Fun and Terrifying

While it's hard to imagine who exactly would custom design their home to look like this surreal fever dream of an apartment, Shanghai-based Dariel Studio insists that the so-called Beijing Fantasy "pays homage to the client's eccentric personality" with its "extraordinary decor." Spread out across a maze-like 16,146 square feet, the space opens up onto a lacquered, zebra-striped foyer appointed with metallic dogs statues and a dizzying hall of mirrored walls. Should that not sufficiently scare off guests, or at least throw off their sense of equilibrium, the subsequent open living room—with its animal-shaped furniture, pretend doors leading to nowhere, and giant piano-shaped loft—should probably do the trick.

Really, there doesn't exactly to seem to be a theme that ties all the decor together, except for the fact that it makes even the wackiest stateside homes look tamer than a Pottery Barn catalogue. See every wild room (and exactly one relatively normal bedroom) this way.

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