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L.A.'s Oddest Listing Has Antler Chairs and Grottos Galore

"Wow, I sure am surprised that the publisher of a magazine called Planet Muscle lives in a faux-hunting-lodge full of animal statues and chairs made of antlers," said absolutely no one when Curbed LA dug up this gem of a $1.5M listing. With a backyard grotto, and one under the living room stairs "where a cow skull is perched so naturally that it seems possible that the creature just perished right there," the four-bedroom home resembles, in their estimation, "the home of a wealthy Flintstones character." According to the listing, "the most notable home in the Valley" has so "SO MANY UPGRADES YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT," and surely a veritable zoo full of patinated fauna must be an upgrade on something. Head to Curbed LA for the full scoop on this 4,667-square-foot oddity, or safari through the listing photos below:

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