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Richard Neutra Property Comes With Bonus 7-Sided House

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There's an architectural twofer happening in L.A. right now, where the 1953 Dorothy Serulnic Residence by midcentury master (and cursory Simpsons joke) Richard Neutra is up for sale, paired as it is with a seven-sided "series of triangles and polygons" built in 2009 by architect Michael Maltzan. The odd-couple are on the same property in La Crescenta, where they're up for a combined $7.9M.

The first house—the latest in an ever-morphing queue of really, really, ridiculously good-looking homes by Neutra—has everything the SoCal archiceleb is famous for: walls of glass, open public rooms, hunky flagstone fireplaces, and a suite of built-in furniture. He designed the set-up, which includes a custom-built sofa, desk, pair o' vanities, and "sliding" kitchen table, for his secretary Dorothy. She lived here until the late '90s, when she sold the place to a pair of artists.

These owners, Lari Pittman and Roy Dowell, commissioned Maltzan to design a more contemporary sprawl on the lot. The result? A seven-sided series of triangles that, as Curbed LA writes "reveals rooms in a pinwheeling progression rather than the traditional linear fashion." The listing says it's spaces are "anchored by a raised interior open courtyard," a feature that "becomes the core of the architectural experience."

Intrigued? Have a look at the photos:

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