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Extreme Minimalist Pad Looks Like a Dog-Eared Slip of Paper

In the most subtle of homages, this two-story residence by Japanese architect Yukio Hashimoto was apparently inspired by the ancient art of origami. While some might argue that the slip of paper façade sort of misses the point—especially compared to all the angular buildings out there that better emulate spiky, meticulous folds—the subdued F-House still manages stand out from the neighbors, thanks largely to its spot in the traditional geisha district of Gion, Japan. "The simple fold is intended to provide buoyance to the simple wall surface which would otherwise seem closed and weighty," explains the architect.

Inside, the space is about as stark as one would expect from such a papery, minimalist abode, though it is equipped with a zen garden. Take a closer look, this way.

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