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Come See the Hipster Houseboat a Gang of Friends Built

In what sounds like every New Yorker's summertime daydream come to life, Brooklyn-based designers Gabe Cohen, Jolie Signorile, and six of their closest pals all pooled their cash to purchase a beat-up houseboat and turn it into a Rockaway Beach-docked grown-up clubhouse. Their "Sundance House Barge" was originally built in 1986 as "a party boat for a Goldman Sachs exec"—think cheesy Wolf of Wall Street yacht in miniature—and had to be completely emptied out, stripped of mildewed carpets, and repainted.

The team retrofitted a daybed into the interior cabin and furnished the place with inexpensive, stylish Craigslist finds, as well as pieces from Gabe and Jolie's brand Fredericks & Mae. Thanks to a surprisingly roomy layout—some mysterious phenomenon all houseboats seem to share—there's plenty of lounge space, four sleeping bunks, and a "Captain's Room on the roof." In the best way possible, the entire barge looks like a prime place to shoot an Urban Outfitters catalogue. More photos of the SS Cool Best Buds, right this way.

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