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'Cyborg-Chic' Seattle House Has the Weirdest Gambrel to Date

With its blocky, bizarre shape, scaly charcoal shingles, and "glowing, ever-watching, never-blinking eye," this weird little lair in Seattle has the potential to make some science fiction fanatic with a spare $275K very happy. Curbed Seattle calls the 1,206-square-foot, seven-bedroom listing 'Cyborg-Chic'—a sparsely populated but notable design faction made up of only the oddest, techiest, and nerdiest (sorry) homes—while the brokerbabble instead opts for "spacious and tranquil" with "tall ceilings and walls of windows." Inside the building, which is split up into three apartments, the space is a futuristic mess of UFO-like pod rooms and robotic furniture.Just kidding, it's actually really, ridiculously normal. Have a look, below:

The listing photos, right this way. >>