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Here's How Boeing Dresses Up Jumbo Jets for Billionaires

It's common knowledge that the super rich love them some insanely decked out private planes, but according to Wired, commercial jet manufacturers have long been in the practice of dressing up jumbo jets for the incredibly flush with cash. Since the late 1990s, Airbus and Boeing have offered wide varieties of customization options catered to just this sort of customer, allowing them to replace rows of economy seats with completely normal things like 20-person sofas, full baths with built-in rain showers, and lavish master bedroom suites, occasionally designed with almost Hadid-like swoopiness.

Wired cites a "Billionaires Study" commissioned by Airbus which concluded the richest of the rich (Middle Eastern oil magnates especially) prefer to travel with family members and business associates in tow. There's no figures available from the manufacturers for how much it sets one back to globe-trot like a king of old with a royal retinue, but Boeing has delivered 195 of these bedazzled wide-body aircraft since 1996. 737s done up in this manner have gone for $80M, and A380s for a whopping $300M. Which is most assuredly jaw-dropping, but it's still no $500M "Flying Palace."

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