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9 Times Antlers Took Over Ski Home Real Estate Listings

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Remember before antlers were hipster-cool and you only saw them in ski homes? Well, modern ski chalets may be the next big thing, but antlers aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Curbed Ski brings you 9 different homes that have gone a little antler-crazy, with everything from antler chandeliers to candlestick holders to, wait for it, antler chairs.

↑ First, let's start off with the hipster ski cabin. This straight-out-of-Anthropology Telluride cabin wants you to know that these are ironic, oh-so-chic antlers, thank you.

↑ Forget hipster antlers, this $9.8 million Colorado ranch throws down when it comes to the antler challenge. We can just picture the homeowners yelling "More antlers, more antlers!" as they hung two multi-tiered antler chandeliers surrounded by taxidermied deer and elk. There are also antlers in every other single room.

↑ This wannabe western home on the market for $2.5 million is all about the antler and ski details. Hence the close-ups of deer, horses, and cross country skis.

↑ From the outside, you'd never think that this glassy, modern 3 bedroom, 3 bath home would have any antlers. But this rogue antler lamp proves that even when a ski home tries to avoid antlers, it's nearly impossible. #AntlersHappen

↑ Curbed Ski mocked featured this pricey Idaho gem (on the market for $36 million) a while back because of its overboard Old West motif. Get a load of the wagon-wheeled chandeliers, and check out those antler-framed mirrors!

↑ Antlers in the air, antlers on the ground, and real-life animals outside, this listing has it all.

↑ This $1.6 million home features not only your go-to taxidermied deer, but also a creative antler coffee table. How quaint!

↑ And before you think antlers are just a west-of-the-Mississippi phenomenon, here's a 3 bedroom, 5 bath condo with plenty of western flair in...Florida. That's bizarre enough, but the living room also features some sort of antler tower, right next to (naturally) an antler candle holder.

↑ And last but definitely not least: Behold, Curbediverse, The Antler Chair! (It's like the Game of Thrones Iron Chair, but in Jackson Hole, Wyoming).