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Michael C. Hall Lists Another Elegant L.A. Home for $4.5M

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Dexter star Michael C. Hall is building up quite the rep for acquiring beautiful, historic L.A. properties and shedding them pretty quickly. He hasn't yet reached Ellen Degeneres levels of profitable celebrity real estate whaling, but give the man some time. In August of 2012, Hall unloaded the one-time residence of famed midcentury architect Hal Levitt, and went on to scoop up a Spanish-style 1923 Los Feliz home in May of last year. Now, after selling his old Hollywood Hills estate back in January for $50K over the $1.95M he paid for it, Hall has listed that Los Feliz digs for $4.5M after living in it for a little over a year. If this sale works out for him at the current ask, he'll clear a tidy $675K over what he originally paid.

What the listing calls a "sensational" 5,600-square-foot six-bedroom that "stands proudest among the other notable properties on this most coveted street" looks much the same as it does when Hall bought it; same warm and inviting feel, same period details. In that arena, it's got features like exposed beams, French doors, and a low-pitched tiled roof. Notably, the pair of creepy hand-shaped sconces pictured in the home last year make no appearance this time around, but they would've been more at home in the sinister Lautner-designed lairs of real L.A. villains than the breezy Miami midcenturies where Hall's sympathetic serial killer hung his hat.

Anyway, if the listing is to be believed, this combination of historic features and modern updates—"a professional kitchen, featuring cutting edge imported appliances, clean lines & evocative lighting"—amounts to a home that "inspires both creativity and contemplation and exemplifies the heart of Los Feliz architecture." We'll soon find out if it can net Hall a sale as impressive as early Dexter, as opposed to one as disappointing as Season 6.

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