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Edward Dart's 'Tranquil Oasis' Comes With a Bomb Shelter

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Built by Edward Dart in 1964—11 years before the prolific modernist architect died unexpectedly while completing his famed Water Tower Place building—the Crown House in Glencoe, Ill. is newly on the market asking $2.49M. The brokerbabble describes the seven-bedroom, 5,6000-square-foot estate as "straddling both worlds of Mid-Century Modernism and the emerging Brutalist movement in the United States" with a "poetic interplay" of glass and brick that's "reminiscent of medieval fortresses." Designed in the avant garde style Dart would come to be known for, the unconventional floor plan offers 17 rooms (including a bomb shelter!) each with a unique shape and size not "replicated anywhere else within the structure." Outside, there's a stone terrace, a massive outdoor pool, and direct access to Lake Michigan. Previously listed for $3.15M, this latest go-around on the market marks the cheapest the "tranquil oasis" (yes, bomb shelter and all) home has ever been offered for, so do have a look:

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