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Come Sway to the '70s Vibes of Trina Turk's Palm Springs Pad

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Fashion designer Trina Turk moved to the evaporated modern mecca that is Palm Springs, Calif., back before it was cool again, a time before when "you could get a little Alexander house for $200,000," when midcentury modern homes in the city's scenic, thirsty hillsides were easy to buy. Turk's fashion and home brand has all the cheer and ease of the 1970s seen through (stylishly oversized) rose-tinted glasses, so it's kind of surprising that she and her photographer husband didn't choose one of the region's many gorgeous architectural homages to the Mad Men period, instead opting for a 1936 house that looks like a Gatsby-era yacht emerging from the hills. Turk, whose home was recently featured by Domaine, makes up for the lack of love-era bones, however, with interiors emboldened by the "late '60s and early '70s cocktail culture" that inspires her.

"When we bought [the house], it was sort of saggy," Turk tells Domaine of their home, once the cover star of a 1937 issue of Sunset Magazine. "It had been propped in different places. One person had used a two-by-four here and another person had used a metal pole there ... it was kind of funky." They did what they could with its bones, but an arson fire was what ultimately spurred them to reach out to architect Marmol Radzinger to rebuild the place.

Inside, Turk and her husband's "hobby of impulse-buying midcentury antiques," as Domaine writes, is obvious. There's a three-legged sling chair by Byron Botker for Landes, a macramé lion head in the master bedroom, and a flood of '70s flavor mustards and oranges. "If we find something great that may or may not be right for the house, sometimes we'll just hold onto it knowing it'll end up at the retail store or at a photo shoot." How can we get access to these storage facilities?

More photos and intel, over at Domaine.

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