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Listen for the Ocean in a Precious $450K 'Conch Cottage'

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The most adorable recent inductee into the six-digit club is a $450K two-bedroom in Key West that the listing somewhat puzzlingly refers to as a "Conch Cottage." The logic behind this linguistically inventive bit of broker-speak terminology is clear enough, though; the cottage in question is probably near the beach (otherwise known as a "beach cottage"), and might be as precious and collectible as a seashell. Maybe the implication is that you can put your ear up against it and hear the ocean, though that's doubtful, seeing as this picket fence-enclosed, circa-1938 home is at least seven blocks from the nearest beach. What it does offer is a "lovely front porch," a backyard dipping pool, two windowed lofts that aren't included in the square-footage calculation of 738, and a cleanly updated interior without too much self-conscious beachiness. Take the tour below, and see if it doesn't rise above its twee nickname:

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