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Funky 'Work of Art' is Everything a Copenhagan Pad Should Be

With its effortless mix of flea market-scavenged pieces, high-end furniture, and groovy 70's throwbacks, this Copenhagen "work of art" apartment is practically too chic for its own good. Meticulously decorated by fashion designer Heidi Hofmann and gallerist Claus Robenhagen, the oh-so-Danish space's distinctive dark floors and bare white walls form a monochromatic backdrop for eclectic art pieces and patterned carpeting. The living room, for example, combines a 19th century chandelier, a Vitra floor lamp, and an extensive personal photography collection. "Generally speaking, we buy only new things if they have a story to tell," says Heidi. "We [have] only things that really have an impact on us."

· Eclectic Perfection [Automatism]