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Prim Gambrel Hides an Astonishing Cacophony of Nutty Decor

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Not since a spaceship stowed away inside a stately Victorian, or a gorgeous church hid one utterly by-the-books McMansion has there been a better real estate bait-and-switch than this Everett, Wash. abode, which looks on the inside like an antique shop run by Sybill Trelawney with a Parisian Ruby Tuesday for a kitchen. Featured on Looney Listing under the title "A House Under There Somewhere," it has a pretty heroic conviction to overloading the senses via an unbroken front of dainty kitsch. Prolific LL commenter Emerald63 wonders if this is simply a "nice house that somehow just got involved with the wrong crowd," recommending an "intervention, a bit of rehab" and "some ongoing therapy." And what does the $585K ask get you, aside from your work cut out for you? A five-bedroom 1907 Dutch Colonial decorated with such plaudits as a 2009 William F. Brown Historic Preservation award, a Monte Cristo Pride of Neighborhood win in 2012, and 2010 spot on the Historic Everett Home Tour. Last sold in 2005 for $431,500, it shares its generous, nearly 10,000-square-foot lot with a carriage house that's got a similarly genteel exterior, and who knows what decorating the inside.

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