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1880s Church Gets a Laid-Back, Antiques-Filled Makeover

Located in the quiet Australian suburb of Lower Portland—a apparent hotbed for renovated churches—this sweet, formerly holy home got a major makeover at the hands of creative couple Elise Pioch Balzac and Pablo Chappell. The small weatherboard structure dates back to the 1880s, but served as a place of worship up until 10 years ago, when it was finally left to fall to disrepair. "It has seen many floods and bush fires," says Elise of the newly resided and repainted home. "We hope it will brave Australia's hazards for a few more centuries." Inside, the place still retains much of its original design, with arched doorways, a raised platform in the living room—"where the priest used to give mass," explains the couple—and exposed beam ceilings. A single vintage fireplace kicks off enough heat to keep the whole home warm during the winter, while the stylish, unfussy decor reflects both antiques auction finds and travel souvenirs. Take a look below, then head to Domaine for the full gallery.

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