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Coca-Cola's London HQ is a Shrine To Brand Memorabilia

Borrowing a decorating page from the brand-everything-in-sight school of office design—a mantra also favored by such companies as Nike, Google, and Motorola—the new Coca-Cola HQ in London literally could not possibly be more "on-brand" than it is. Designed by the British firm MoreySmith, the office—known as the Happiness House—spreads across five floors of a building that dates back to 1912. The stairs connecting each department are lined in memorabilia from the companies' archives, while the lobby features an installation made from 5,000 recycled bottles. The 66,000-square- foot space also offers a handful of LED-lit lounges and cafes, as well as a rooftop bar where the soft drinks flow like waterfalls (probably). "Using the brand's iconic history, we have created a space which also draws upon the vibrant energy of the organization," explains the enthusiastic design firm. "The interior of the building is a celebration of the company's heritage and place in popular culture." A whole lot of company heritage, below:

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