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Über-Kitschy Domed D.C.-Area Mega-Manse Asks $14M

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Location: Potomac, Md.
Price: $14,000,000
The Skinny: While it doesn't possess the gravitas and grandeur of the Federal buildings on the other side of the Potomac, this mansion in suburban D.C. does use the Capital's semi-kitschy mix of Georgian, Neo-Classical, and Greek Revival styles as a jumping-off point for a sojourn into questionable taste on an impressive scale. That's not surprising when you consider that its owner is luxury home builder David Niroo, who specializes in shelter construction for Beltway eminences, and who is noted mainly for his stubborn dedication to the mega-mansion form factor in high-end housing (and the fact that his company is rather immodestly named Niroo Masterpieces). In that light, this three-story, 19,000-square-foot manse makes perfect sense: build it huge, throw in some columns and friezes (if it was good enough for the Greeks, etc.) and a hand-painted entry dome ceiling (ditto the Medicis), and voila! Instant class! Mr. Niroo, who built the home himself, is asking $14M.

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