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Own an Entire South Dakota Town for Just $400K

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Listed at $399K, a price that hardly guarantees you a window in New York or San Francisco, is the entire town of Swett, South Dakota, which the Rapid City Journal describes as "little more than a few ramshackle buildings along U.S. Highway 18." The population of this unincorporated hamlet—essentially just a bar, a workshop, three trailers, and a small home on 6.16 acres—is right now limited to Lance Benson, his wife, and Daisy, their Rottweiler mix, though in its bustling, 1940s heyday, Swett had as many as 40 residents, and could even boast its own post office. Now, its centerpiece is the Swett Tavern, apparently the only watering hole within a 10-mile radius and "the defacto gathering place for a small army of local cowboys and wheatgrowers," a drop-ceilinged den filled with Budweiser paraphernalia where "cowboy hats are de rigueur."

According to the Rapid City Journal the Swett Tavern has had its image cleaned up in recent years. One patron goes as far as to say that "it's now kind of a place you can come in and have a meal with your family rather than defend your family." Aside from the fact that it has "plenty of space," the listing doesn't have much to note about the three-bedroom home that comes with Swett. It does, however, come with "plenty of inventory and personal property," including a 1990 Volvo semi. Not bad, considering that chances to play live-action Sims in your own slice of rural America don't come around all that often.

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