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Mixing 'Ruin Pub' With 'New York's Chinatown' in Budapest

By putting an "Asian-inspired" spin on the ruin pub trend that's long been a staple in Budapest's party scene, restauranteur Roy Zsidai created a stunning, highly visual experience that feels like stepping into a 1930's Chinatown speakeasy. Like all ruin pubs, which take over old industrial buildings and retrofit them with ragtag, second-hand decor, the Spíler Shanghai occupies a rundown, old-fashioned warehouse space—somewhat similar in appearance to Romania's favorite new steampunk bar—with walled-off rooms for dining and lounging, and a secret club in the way back, partially veiled by a pair of intricate screen doors. The bold scarlet, yellow, and black decor comes from local designers and flea markets, and is paired with traditional Chinese paper lanterns and "drawings derived from Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol."

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