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Pick Up Part of a Tiny House Caravan in Portland for $30K

The stars have aligned yet again, and Portland Ore. has yielded up another real-life Portlandia sketch that, if not quite as awe-inspiring as a cabin made from upcycled Trader Joe's bags or as chic as a dental practice with a "cool startup in a warehouse vibe," is still majorly adorable. Currently leased as part of Portland's Caravan (tagline: "The Tiny House Hotel") for $500 a month, a micro home on wheels created by artist Eric Bohne is looking for a $30K asking price. According to the marketing material, Skyline was "thoughtfully handcrafted from salvaged materials" for "a warm, rough hewn feel," with the floor and walls built with reclaimed cedar and fir. Industrial refrigerator panels insulate the roof, a "beautiful stained glass window lights up the interior," and the "triangular toilet adds some fun to the bathroom." The whole thing's so rustic and jaunty it could almost pass as one of those (possibly mythical) "Gypsy Wagons" we've heard so much about. Get an eyeful below:

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