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'Playful Chic' Apartment is the Ultimate Guide to Print Mixing

Since artful pattern clashing is no easy game—do it wrong and risk a space that looks chaotic, as opposed to avant-garde and stylish—interior designer Alia Miriam's Madrid abode is all the more impressive, embracing a wild assortment of houndstooth furniture, animal print accents, flowery wallpaper, and jewel-toned geometric carpeting. Decorated by Miriam's own Living Pink firm, the old apartment serves as home to Miriam, her partner, and there their young children. Because it's is a rental, very little has been done in terms of structural changes, instead placing the emphasis on preserving the home's original moldings, kitchen tiles and other architectural details. In terms of furniture, the place is a "playful chic" mix of modern and vintage pieces done in glossy whites and bright colors—there isn't a single solid black and gray piece.

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