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Peek Inside a Pair of Karim Rashid's Psychedelic NYC Projects

Color-loving quasi-Utopian font of wisdom Karim Rashid, the designer behind Milan's hot pink "Sparkle Krib," the world's funkiest food court, a dazzling Miami condo tower, an electro-pop EP, and a long list of wild and wonderful hotels, has been given free reign over a handful of New York City developments by HAP Investments, not only to fill the insides with his signature wackiness but to do much the same to the outsides. In a Architectural Record profile highlighting the "ample curves and Kool-Aid colors" of Rashid's recent forays into architecture, an architect at his firm admitted that "people come to us because they want pink," but that's being modest about the Rashid color palette. As Curbed NY recently pointed out in a look at the interior renderings for HAP 5 and HAP 6, there's also cyan and watermelon-colored "acid flashback-inducing wall coverings."

Plus a whole lot more, this way. >>