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Taos Ski Valley Wants To Compete "With The Big Boys"

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The new owner of Taos Ski Valley, billionaire conservationist Louis Bacon, is pumping loads of cash into the ski area so that it can compete with industry giants like Whistler and Vail. First up is the new triple chairlift up Kachina Peak, a move that eliminates a grueling 45 minute hike and tops out at 12,450 feet. But Taos Ski Valley aims to become a year-round destination, and right now construction crews are busy building bike trails up and down the mountain. The new bike park will open June 28, and plans are also in the works for an aerial adventure park that would include zip lines, climbing walls, and an airbag for jumps. Tell us, Curbediverse, are all these changes a good thing for Taos? Shoot us an email or let us know in the comments.

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