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Doctor's Office-Meets-Spaceship Pad is a Sterile Nightmare

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While it's mystifying to imagine who exactly would chose to live in such terrifyingly uniform nightmare of an apartment, the so-called three+one pad in Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic is very much real, and very much crushing its brethren to pieces in the all-white architecture game. Designed and renovated by local firm Next Level Studio— whose "thing" appears to be slick, all-white interiors—the 70-year-old home looks completely unrecognizable post-makeover, with smooth sliding walls, floors and ceilings painted a matching matte white, and strips of hidden LED lights that bathe the place in red, green, or blue shadows. All the freestanding furniture—including the Buzz Lightyear-shaped bed, a few angular tables, and the world's least inviting couch—are done in a high gloss, to create a contrast. The last major change came by way of removing all the doors, so as to make it one "unifying space." Take a creepy look, below:

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