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Libeskind's 60-Story 'Norelco Beard Trimmer' Breaks Ground

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Surely Daniel Libeskind is someone's favorite designer, but alas, it seems that the jaggedness-obsessed museum-"improving" Polish architect and occasional softserve-server will never design his way into the heart of one Curbed tipster, whose views on Libeskind's latest "crud-fest" are as pointed as, well, a Libeskind building. Libeskind's 60-story Century Spire just broke ground in the Philippines, and this reader theorizes that it was inspired by "an industrial shredding device that had somehow mated with a Norelco Beard Trimmer." What's unclear is whether Libeskind would find that comparison particularly objectionable. Whether he's designing a Holocaust monument or wading into ethno-nationalist controversy, the man is remarkably consistent with his love for sharp objects.

Libeskind worked with Giorgio Armani's Armani/Casa Interior Design Studio to create the plan for the combined office and residential tower, which is set to be the centerpiece of Century City, a master-planned community being developed in Makati. In our tipster's opinion, "the substantially rectangular tower suggests that the basics of the volume were already designed and that Libeskind was only hired to crudify the exterior with his usual overlay of meaningless angles and diagonal lines." The press release, on the other hand, holds that Libeskind created "a design crescendo at the top of the tower by placing a glass-clad form between the two highest tower shafts." Either way, it's just Libe being Libe.

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