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Atlanta Home Takes Taxidermy to its Terrifying Max

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Curbed Atlanta might peg this Sandy Springs, Ga. mansion as "every realtor's worst nightmare," but clearly it's the Georgia wildlife that's actually kept up at night with thoughts of the animal strewn, "European-style" estate. On the market for $1.49M—down from the original ask of $2M in October—the five-bedroom, 7,000-square-foot house is one serious contender in the taxidermy hall of fame, thanks to its extensive menagerie of water buffalo, antelope, moose, deer, and, yep, even a hyena. The property also offers a rather blah assortment of standard McMansion fare, including monstrously high ceilings, a big ol' sweeping foyer, and a faux-stone, faux-vintage stained glass, faux-Roman master bathroom that just isn't fooling anyone. Really, it appears that all the truly alarming decor choices were shoved into one chilling, patently unPETA-friendly parlor of horrors. Take a look.

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