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Glass House Floating on a Lake in Texas Wants $5.3M

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Location: Round Top, Texas
Price: $5,300,000
The Skinny: If you're in the market for a glass box that floats atop a four-acre manmade lake stocked with fish, you're in luck: this three-story cube in Round Top, Texas (Pop: 77) has just hit the market. The 3,000-square-foot sportsman's paradise's first and second floors are entertainment areas perfect for drinking beer with your bros before tooling out on the lake in the jon boat to fish or piling on the four-wheeler, shotguns in hand, for a hunting safari across the estate's 23 acres of whitetail deer-infested scrubland; there's even a skeet-shooting stand for target practice in preparation for quail season. Drive in from Austin, park your sports car in the garage (which features lifts and a pretty impregnable-looking safe) and put the horrors of I-10 traffic out of your mind by soaking in the pool at the top of the lakeside water feature. Later, your belly full of venison you killed and cooked yourself in the fire pit, climb in bed in the top floor master suite and watch some Cabela's DVDs on the big screen while the setting sun burns a hole in the East Texas landscape. The one-bedroom retreat is asking $5.3M, which includes the "furnishings, appliances, decor, skeet shooting equipment, utility vehicle & 220-class whitetail deer."

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