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How a Small Space Guru Decorated His Micro-Apartment

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28-year-old designer Kyle Schuneman is something of an OG when it comes to turning dinky dwellings into small-but-stylish homes—he even wrote a book called The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces—and his one-bedroom pad in L.A. is nothing if not a testament to his skills. At just 700 square feet, the space looks downright spacious, thanks to so-called "rent-ovations" (renovations for rentals) that include custom-made cabinetry, temporary printed wallpaper, and "peel-and-stick" salvaged wood panelling.

The decor is meant to both reflect an "edited midcentury modern masculinity" and divide up the space into multiple zones. "It's basically one big open space with a hallway leading to the bathroom, bedroom, and laundry," says the young designer to Domaine. The living room opts for "handsome" leather chairs and plaids with "a bit of a nod to Mad Men," while the dining room pairs its natural wood accents with sleek, minimalistic furnishings. Incorporating these many styles is apparently not an issue for the designer. "It's all about starting with problem-solving design. Once you know what has to be in your space, you can work to make it look beautiful." Domaine has all the pretty, glossy shots, right this way.

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