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Lord Over Scotland's Most Expensive Home For $10M

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If Edinburgh's your jam but flouncy cottages and 100-square-foot micro-huts are not, consider Craigcrook Castle, which, at £6M (10,073,400) is officially Scotland's most expensive home. The 16th-century castle, perched on more than four acres just outside the city, was originally built in 1542 and "has played host to a number of famous visitors" ever since, according to the brokerbabble, including Charles Dickens, Alfred Lord Tennyson, and Hans Christian Andersen. Though it was altered in the '70s for use as offices, much of the original three-story design remains today, including its towers (from whence the new owners can observe the bucolic surroundings), battlements, and certain interior details such as oak floors, paneling, and mosaics. "Architecturally Craigcrook sits somewhere between a Loire chateau and Downton Abbey," writes The Telegraph's real estate reporter Stuart Penney, adding that a local architecture firm has already devised renovation plans to convert Craigcrook Castle into a five-bedroom home. Prospective buyers, take note: the property is listed as "freehold," which means it's pretty much inheritable, well, forever. Just as all good castles should be.

(UPDATE: A commenter rightly points out that there are a couple of higher-priced listings currently on the market in Scotland, but those, unlike Craigcrook Castle, are multi-house estates and aren't necessarily considered single-family or even residential properties.)

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