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John Lautner's Highly Adjustable Carling House Wants $3M

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Even when it's an early-career work looking a little worse for the wear or a UFO on a pole, the Curbed LA commenters love them a John Lautner work. So imagine their delight when a drop-dead gorgeous work by the so-called organic modernist and SoCal heavyweight hits the market, one with an indoor-outdoor pool tons of old-growth redwood built-ins no less. Or don't imagine it; Lautner's 1950 Foster Carling House just popped up with a $2.995M ask, and the verdict is "remarkable," with a helping of "so much win," and out of left field, a pronouncement of "total terrazzo and wood," erm, "[conniption]." The first of eight projects that Lautner undertook with builder John de la Vaux, the Carling has a hexagonal main living area created without internal columns thanks to three steel masts at its corners. Notably, the swimming pool flows into the living room under a retractable wall of glass, and there's a built-in sofa that can swing out, opening the room up to the adjoining terrace. It was last sold in May 2013 for $2.7M, which according to Curbed LA was the second time it changed hands in the last five years. It could be that owners are tiring of having only 2,000 square feet of living space and two bedrooms to spread out in, or they're sick of feeling like movie villains, but in any case, the interiors look very well maintained. Asking price, again, is $2.995M, which is exactly what it was originally listed for last time around.

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