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Disney Wants People to Fall in Love at its New Starbucks

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First there was the "surprisingly classy" Starbucks at Disney Land, with a Neutra-esque design and sleek, glassy interiors. Now—not to be outdone—Disney World in Orlando is debuting its own high-design Starbucks, which the brand's senior designer calls a "magic" space. "My imagination runs wild, and as I draw I think about how somebody might meet the girl of their dreams there," says lead designer David Daniels of the new locale. Built with on emphasis on sustainability (as well as romance,) the 4,000-square-foot store was built from reclaimed oak and maple pieces, with tables made from made from "salvaged trees," and a roof lined in lemon grass plants.

Inside, there's a ridiculously zen lounge—remember this is Disney World, the epicenter of the universe for crowds and cheerful, constant ruckus— with a moss art installation and 70-inch digital display panels that produce Disney-esque sketches of customers. Eater National has the full gallery, this way.

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