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Tour an Alice in Wonderland-Inspired House of the Future

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Given that design luminaries like Rem Koolhaas are forecasting bleak techno-dystopias where "one day, your own house might betray you," it's refreshing to see low-technology, high-whimsy versions of the house of the future, even if they forego modern conveniences like interior walls. Every year, the IMM Cologne furniture fair enlists a team of architects and designers to create their ideal house, and this year's took the shape of a kind of Iroquois longhouse with little more than a line of beds along one wall, a pleasantly arranged collection of tools along another, a dining table, a desk, and an 100-year-old stoneware bathtub (placed right near the entrance, naturally), all underneath a latticed, hole-filled roof. It's called 0–100 (Made to measure), and it was the work of Dutch furniture and lighting designer Louise Campbell, who, far from characterizing it as a kind of unrealistic showhouse, told Metropolis Magazine that, in allowing the "freedom of Alice's world to constantly be pulled back down to earth," she "want it to be a place where the inhabitants genuinely feel at home." ("There are no secrets and no pressure – the ideal marriage," Campbell once said of the place. "Perhaps indeed the ideal house.") Below, tour the colorful, shingle-clad home that Metropolis calls the "perfect place for a well-heeled Scandinavian commune." However unconventional it may seem, just be glad the future of housing doesn't look like this.

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