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Lawsuit-Plagued Powdr CEO is Park City's Richest Pariah

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In a recent (and incredibly depressing) interview with the Park Record's Jay Hamburger, the CEO of Powdr Corp. John Cumming revealed that he knows everyone is sick of the PCMR-Talisker lawsuit. Calling it "lawsuit-itis," it seems that in Park City locals are tired of hearing about the case, whether it's eviction notices, threats to dismantle lifts, or the back-and-forth love letters between ski industry CEOs. Even worse, poor John Cumming is Park City's newest pariah. All this lawsuit-itis means, according to Mr. Cumming, that "Nobody talks to me about anything. I'm the elephant in the room. I'm the elephant in town. Everywhere I go people are very nice and cordial and don't really want to talk to me. And I'm not surprised by that." Why? Well, because John Cumming "wouldn't want to talk to me, either."

At least Mr. Cumming isn't in denial that things are bad in town. In his interview he also acknowledged that the lawsuit might force the closure of PCMR. And remember PCMR's threats that they intend to dismantle most of the lifts under an eviction? Yeah, Cumming once again stuck to that statement, much to the world's dismay.

Of course, Powdr & Company is still hoping for a "rational outcome" (although in this interview he failed to offer up examples of what this might look like). Here are some more quotes from the Park Record's most depressing interview ever:

· John Cumming on lawsuit-itus: "I think people are sick of hearing about it [the lawsuit], to be perfectly honest with you. I just think everybody's got lawsuit-itis, you know. They're tired. It creates a little anxiety around everybody, you know," he said. "This is a community asset, and there's a chance it could close, turn into something different. That's not fun for anybody that loves this place or this town."

· John Cumming on how the lawsuit has made him more pessimistic: "I don't know that we can tell those things, you know, in the moment. I think we tell those things retrospectively . . . I'm definitely not as idealistic at the other end of this as I was going in, for sure. I still believe the golden rule is too far from business. I really do. So that hasn't changed," Cumming said.

· John Cumming on the fact that Powdr Corp really wants to invest money in PCMR, but: "You know, we can't do that at the moment. Sort of sad," he said.

You're right, Mr. Cumming. This whole damn thing is just really sad.

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