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Hippest Design Studio Ever Builds HQ Inside a Retro Trailer

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Because brand and design consultancy AngryBovine felt "dissatisfied with corporate environments, office rent, and paid parking," founder Jay Ferracane squeezed the entire operation—including a conference area and three work stations—into a 1991 silverstreak aluminum trailer. At just 300 square feet, the Boulder, Colo., mobile studio is compact, sure, but 100% in keeping with the team's uncluttered style, thanks to a 60's era sound system, sleek communal desks, and wood paneling that feels like where "cool startup" meets "retro glamping." "As a designer I thought how ironic it was that not all designers design their own workspaces," says Ferracane. "We 'build' stuff for our clients everyday, why isn't it more common to do that for ourselves?" Take a look, below, and then head over to Design Boom for the full story.

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