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Florida's Dreariest 'Fixer-Upper' Castle Wants $1.4M

Dying to live like European royalty but unwilling to leave the majestic "hinterlands of South Florida?" Well, very specific crazy person, consider this abandoned 5,635-square-foot castle property in Homestead, Fla. Some might balk at a $1.4M price tag for an 800-square-foot bungalow, decrepit old workshop, and a "fixer-upper" fortress, but the ask also includes 15 acres of palm trees-covered land, which the brokerbabble markets for its development potential. Before anyone gets any razing ideas though, Curbed Miami has "the distinct impression" that the 1932 castle is "protected from demolition in some way." That's right folks, if you want the kingdom, you keep the castle.

Ye olde listing photos, this way. >>