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Fashion Designer Trina Turk Buys L.A.'s 'Long Lost' Lautner

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Fashion and home goods designer Trina Turk, an established virtuoso in the ways of high-quality historic real estate and optimistic aesthetics of decades past, won the bidding battle over the deed for L.A.'s Jules Salkin Residence, a forgotten 1948 house designed by SoCal starchitect (and favorite of Bob Hope and Gwyneth Paltrow) John Lautner. The designer, who also owns a stylish Palm Springs house from the 1930s, paid, according to Domaine, which broke the story, "well over the $1M asking price" for the fixer-upper, but are eager to take on another restoration project. Turk and her husband, a photographer, restored their "saggy" Palm Springs address and are looking to do the same with what Turk calls "this dumpy little Lautner."

The three-bedroom residence, which was just "discovered" in May, having been shrouded in obscurity, owned by the same person for 65 years, won't be the couple's full-time home; they tell Domaine "it'll probably be Jonathan's office." Their first act of business? "Removing the 1966 addition," Turk insists.

Check out the photos, below.

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