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Loft Fit for 'Forest-Dwelling Fairytale Characters' Asks $1.8M

Lined with barn doors, old planks, bare branches, and other woodsy accruements that have somehow found themselves far from their forest homes, this bizarrely rustic apartment in NYC just hit the market for $1.8M. The 1,813-square-foot spread currently functions as a club house-esque workspace for leadership consultant company re:kap—though Curbed NY correctly points out that the place looks more like an HQ for "forest-dwelling fairy tale characters" who just moved to the city—and comes with plenty of open hangout space, old-school movie theater seating, a wall of windows, and the bizarre honor of being (one of) the most out-of-place apartments of all time. Venture in and see for yourself, this way:

Onward, to the photos! >>