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Bid on a Lavish Manse Built for Chef Boyardee's Sole Heir

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Opulent enough to make the recently listed Quaker Oats and Nilla Wafer estates slink off in packaged-food shame, this Georgian-style private manse built for the sole heir to the Chef Boyardee fortune is set to be auctioned off without reserve. Previously listed for $29M, the eight-bedroom, 22,500-square-foot Penderyn Estate sits on an 18-acre peninsula in Queenstown, Md. that the brokerbabble describes as "an abundance of gorgeous trees, beautiful meadows, colorful formal gardens, magnificent courtyards, and wandering wildlife," all of which offer some impressive Chesapeake Bay views. Inside, the manor is so elaborately ornamented that the poor brokerbabble can barely cram in all the features, though the mention of 11 grand fireplaces, "60-foot long arched marble hall lined with urns and sculptured busts," "hand-painted trompe l'oeil Coyne vaulted ceilings," and "18th-century signed Perry of London crystal chandeliers" (whew!) just make the cut. Bidding starts on July 19th, so until then do take a tour:

· 300 Wye Narrows Drive, Queenstown, MD 21658 [Decaro Auctions]