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Madcap $6.5M D.C. Conversion is Too Cool for School

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Among all the converted schools that have appeared on the market in recent years, the most exuberantly decorated has to be D.C.'s Pierce School, a nine-unit loft building that's for sale in its entirety for $6.5M. If nine of the students from Sideways Stories from Wayside School grew up into "millennials," and made that preeminently trend-pieced-about move to our nation's capital, and decided to go in on a place together with the money they got from suing their elementary school for gross, wacky negligence, they would end up here. Back when its units were up for rent, asking $2,491 a month, the listing advertised an appeal to the "loft-lifestyle" and "bohemian community," and true to form, it's got mounted moose heads, McGruff the Crime Dog murals, black glossy Buddhas, preserved chalkboards, stark-white attic rooms with circular beds, and a home theater with porthole windows filled in with painted waves. In short, everything but the elegantly patinated reclaimed kitchen sink.

"We didn't want to disrupt the appeal of the school," developer Christopher Swanson told the Washington Post back in 2004. He and a Jeff Printz bought the place from the city in 2000 for just $275K, when it was little more than "a shell with four feet of water in the basement," and after fixing it up, lived in two of the units and rented out the other seven. The former school first listed last October for $7.25M. Other things this 23,000-square-foot, circa-1894 trip to Bohemia has to offer: an 800-square-foot roof deck, a rear garden with a heated pool, a "magnificent two story penthouse spanning 9,500 square feet," and the approval of the District's preeningest young things. Have at it, folks:

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