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Will Whistler Get the World's Biggest Inflatable Water Park?

A group of water-loving, self-proclaimed locals and entrepreneurs are hoping to bring the next big thing to Whistler, Canada, and their campaign is off to a quick start. The plan is for an inflatable water park on a yet undetermined lake, and according to Pique News Magazine, the group (headed by resident Alex Campbell) just dropped off their proposal to officials at Whistler's municipality. So what does an inflatable water park actually look like?

Think massive structures in the shape of teeter totters, trampolines, climbing walls, slides, and tunnels, all floating on a lake. The design is modular, allowing for different configurations and endless possibilities for expansion. The website says they hope to be operating by summer 2015.

Since it launched on July 2, a Facebook group has scored almost 800 likes and almost all of the comments have been positive. Of course, knowing how things go down in other ski towns like Park City and Squaw Valley, there's sure to be push back at some point. But Whistler desperately wants to capture those highly coveted four-season tourist dollars, and many people think that this will help. Without a doubt, this could be a big project. As Alex Campbell wrote on the Whistler Water Park website, "Our goal is to create one of, if not the largest park in Canada or even the world! Whistler has a world renowned reputation that we intend only to make greater!"

Here's a video posted on the Whistler Water Park website of another inflatable water park in Canada.

What do you think Curbediverse? Yay or Nay on the Whistler Water Park?

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