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Inside a Miles Redd-Designed 'Technicolor Dream' Estate

So what happens, exactly, when you give designer Miles Redd the keys to your 17th-century French-style mansion and tell him to decorate exactly as he sees fit? For this "prominent Houston couple," at least, the end result is a "technicolor dream of high-spirited hues and whirlwind patterns," that work just as well for hosting lavish parties as they do for everyday life with a pair of four-year-old twins. Created in collaboration with local firm Eubanks Group Architects and featured in the August 2014 issue of Architectural Digest, Redd describes the lush, over-the-top home as "sort of a pastiche of all the great European residences I've looked at over a lifetime—especially English country houses and the hôtel particuliers of Paris," though with an eclectic, modern edge.

The "ladies lounge," for example, channels Rothko's abstract art in its colorful patchwork upholstery, while the living room next door pairs lush satin-covered walls with preppy, striped club chairs and dizzying "Moorish" tile work. "We're in the land of comfort, bells, and whistles," says the audacious Redd of his more-is- more style. "If you can have all that, why wouldn't you want it?"

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