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Nutso X-Shaped Long Island Mansion Wants $12M

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On two waterfront acres in Lloyd Harbor, N.Y. sits what could either be a perfect stay for Xzibit during a Long Island-based revival of Pimp My Ride, or a great "X marks the spot" twist in another National Treasure sequel: a "magnificent custom built" mansion shaped like an X. "It's just done magnificently," the home's listing agent tells Zillow Blog. "It's a house with quality, quality and more quality." But no matter how well this eight-bedroom, 16,700-square-foot manse was put together—with exterior walls of imported stone, and on the inside, gold leaf ceilings and poolside murals embodying an aspirationally Old European flavor that can't seem to shake its circa-2004 new-buildiness—its most salient quality remains the fact that it looks like four homes smushed together. Not that this kind of setup is without certain perks, e.g. three windowed walls in each major wing, and a fun circular corridor connecting them. But considering it last sold in 2012 for $5.5M, an asking price of $12M seems a bit much.

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