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Angular Wood Frame Built into a Desert Cliff Asks $1.7M

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Location: Sparks, Nev.
Price: $1,650,000
The Skinny: This angular wood-frame residence atop a cliff outside Reno has two undeniably cool things going for it; namely, it looks kind of like a Star Destroyer that crash-landed in the Nevada desert, and it's built directly into and around a huge rock outcropping with a 22-foot waterfall. It also has, per the listing, views that range from Peavine Mountain, across Truckee Meadows, to the Reno "skyline", and comes with a guest house and office building complex. So far, so good, but inside things take a turn for the underwhelming, as the interior of this $1.65M home is inexplicably cheap, tawdry, and ugly. From the pressed-tin drop ceiling in the master bath to the mattress sitting directly on the floor—cheek by jowl with a saddle and a velour bed rest pillow—in one of the bedrooms, not one opportunity to default to tackiness has been missed, and the resulting disconnect between inside and out is truly jarring.

· 5334 Valley Vista Way, Sparks, Nev. []
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